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Your family tree will arrive in a four-ring binder with the following reports:

family tree binder

Family Tree Pedigree Chart

The family tree pedigree chart within your family history package starts with your subject. For our purposes we will say that subject is you, So it starts with you and tells when and where you were born and also, who and when you married. It then branches out to your parents, note no siblings are included. It will give, both parent’s, birth dates and places, marriage date and place and if applicable death dates and places. The pedigree chart then moves back to your grandparents. By the time you have gone back 4 generations (counting yourself) you have now added eight great grandparents, four grandparents, two parents. Another generation back and you now have sixteen great great grandparents. Depending on how many generations your family tree stretches back, you could have several pages worth of information. This is why it is advisable to use the services of a good printer, preferably one with experience of printing genealogical charts. In this way you will, also, have a chart that can be framed and hung on a wall to impress family and friends. A professional printer does not have the same restrictions on size of finished chart that a family history researcher may have.

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Narrative Report
As part of your Family History Package you will find the narrative report on your British ancestors. Included in this report will be details of your ancestors’ birth and/or baptism, their marriages and also their deaths. This forms part of the *genealogical part of the package. The *family history element fleshes out the bare bones.
Working with both elements together gives you a fuller picture of how your ancestors lived and not just that they lived.
You will discover where your ancestors were at the time of the census. Who was living with them (parents, siblings, grandparents, great grandparents, visitors, lodgers, boarders or perhaps more distant relatives). What job they had or what profession they were in and whether it changed from one census to the next.
If your ancestors fought in the Great War (WW1) there maybe records of their medal entitlement, their service record or even pension records. If they died during the conflict there may be information on this too.
Perhaps your ancestors did something newsworthy and there are records and accounts in old newspapers.
The more information that you have, the better you may understand how your ancestors lived their lives.
* Genealogy is defined as the study of ancestry and family descent
* Family history gives the fuller story of a family’s place in society.

Discover Your Past is based in Forfar, Angus. If your family history roots are within a 50 mile radius of us here in Forfar,

(This would cover all of Angus, parts of Perthshire, Kincardineshire, parts of Fife and parts of Aberdeenshire) we would be happy to discuss requests for photographs of specific interest, i.e.: your ancestor’s former residences, gravestones, towns where they


All sources for the information enclosed in your family tree package are included. This would enable you to, for example, order a birth, death or marriage certificate at anytime in the future

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Family Group Sheet

This part of your family history report consists of a series of sheets grouped by nuclear family. It commences with the subject’s own family, parent’s families and so on through the generations. Taking your parents as an example, it would have your father’s birth date, marriage date, death date (if applicable) and also parent’s names as well as occupations. Then the same for your mother. It would then go onto adding children from the marriage and giving their details too. This would be repeated for every family in your tree

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You will also receive a statistical report on the following occurrences:-

  • Total number of individuals in your tree –
  • Total number of families in your tree –
  • Total number of events noted in your tree -
  • Total number of places noted in your tree –
Date of earliest event in your tree

family tree cdFamily Tree CD

Your cd would contain everything that is recorded in your family history package. It may also contain multimedia images of the headstones of your ancestors last resting places, if requested, or an image of their address. If certificates have been ordered on your behalf, these would be scanned and added to the multimedia part of the relevant ancestor. Should you have family stories or anecdotes for a family member, then this can be added to the notes section of the individual or family. Maybe you have scanned copies of photographs that you wish to be included (These could be emailed or posted) .Of course, if they are posted these would be returned to you with your family history report.

Wall Charts

If a wall chart is required we can arrange this with a specialist genealogical printer. This makes a fantastic gift.

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