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Discover your past
Discover your past - research options and packages

We offer several options for building your family tree: * Please note a generation is approx 20 - 25 years

Family tree and genealogy researcher scotland

Option 1: £80 (we will take you back 4 generations*)

Option 2: £190 (we will take you back 7 generations*)

Option 3: £390 (we will take you back 10 generations*)

* On as many lines as possible

Please be aware that a tree doubles in size with every generation.

Whilst the above options are the most cost-effective method of researching your family tree we also offer an alternative method of charging. To perform a simple search (say for one or two ancestors) we would make a charge of £15 per hour. *Payable by cheque in advance, Please call Karen on +441307460695 or 07871787095 between 8.30am and 7.30pmto discuss your options.

These are payable in advance in two ways:

  1. By cheque made payable to K. Fordyce
  2.  By PayPal (Options Above)

Expenses: Where appropriate, will include Birth / Marriage / Death certificates (currently £8.00 for England & Wales, and £11.00 for Scotland)

As this would be an ideal gift, we can offer gift vouchers.

For an extra £45, for a tree with up to 500 individuals or £60, for up to 1000 individuals, we can arrange for a specialist genealogical printer to produce a large wall chart depicting your entire tree.

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