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Karen Fordyce - Family History and Genealogy Researcher Scotland

Geneaogy and Family Tree Researcher ScotlandMy own personal journey to discover my family roots started off with a simple question.”Dad, where did your grandad come from and what did he do?” The answer “Worksop, Nottinghamshire and probably a coalminer” That is all it took and I was hooked. For the record, my great grandfather was born in Worksop but he did not work in the coal mines. My father’s paternal line took me through Nottinghamshire, the Ridings of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Norfolk, whereas his maternal line took me to Devon (tracing back to the early 1600’s), East Lothian, Midlothian and Inverness-shire. I had not even ventured into my mother’s family history at this point. That line led me to St Helier, Jersey, Angus, Clackmannanshire, Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire.
Friends and family started asking me to trace their family roots. I was adding new counties to be researched all the time (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Banffshire, Ross-shire to name but a few). My geography was certainly improving but so were my methods of researching. I also discovered I had a passion for fitting the pieces to genealogical puzzles. I am as thrilled to discover a lost 3x great grandmother of a complete stranger as I am to discover my own.
Researching my own family history has not only taken me into my ancestors lives but has also given me the opportunity to find, hitherto, unknown family members. I have been in contact with people that until a few short years ago I had no knowledge of but find that we share common family history roots and that to me is worth the days, weeks and months of painstaking research that this journey sometimes takes.

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