Discover Your Past
Discover your past

Many of us are intrigued by our ancestors. Who were they? What did they do? How and where did they live?
How many people have stated “I would love to find out about my family roots”? However, for many, that is as far as it gets. Perhaps you would like to discover more but don’t know where to start or are daunted by the prospect of the time needed and the research required to complete the task. Maybe you have already conducted some research into your family tree but have now hit the dreaded “brick wall” (a simple spelling mistake or transcription error can easily throw you off the scent).
This is where we at Discover Your Past can help. With our many years of experience of researching family histories, we can quickly build your family tree or help knock down those “brick walls”.
We specialise in British family histories. So whether your roots are in the Welsh valleys, Scottish clans, across the Irish Sea or you have an English heritage or indeed a combination let us assist you in adding branches to your tree.
Have you considered a family tree package for a loved one? This would make an ideal gift. Not only does it contain

your ancestors but over the years can be added to with the next generations as well. Think, in the years to come, how thrilled your children and grandchildren will be to have that sense of belonging and kinship with their ancestors.
Each additional branch added to a family tree makes for a unique gift. Your family tree would differ from your children because of the addition of a new line with their other parent.
So do something for the future and discover your past today!

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